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Beach furniture Accessories
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Twin-hulled rowboat and pedal boat


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Twin-hulled rowboat



Twin hull constructed in reinforced Polyester fibreglass
Oar locks in brass and Wooden oars 2.60 m long



L o.a.: m 4,20

l. w.l.: m 4,05

Beam: m 1,48

Boat Weight: kg 90

Reserve buoyancy: kg 300


Pedal boat


Twin hull in reinforced polyester fibreglass
Passenger seat block moulded in polyester
Helm is a steering wheel connected to stainless steel components.



L o.a.: m 4,00

l. w.l.: m 3,82

Beam: kg 182

Boat weight: kg 145

Reserve buoyancy: kg 400


Twin hull in reinforced Polyester fibreglass
Passenger seat moulded in Polyester
Grab Rails, propulsion impeller, helm and rudder box in 18/8 stainless steel


Attic  Soft top
L.O.A.   2,15 m
Beam   1.60 m
Weight   18 kg
Height. 1,10 m


L o.a.: m 4,00

l. w.l.: m 3,82

Beam: m 1,70

Boat weight: kg 120

Reserve buoyancy: kg 350

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